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The safe way to darker skin!

We are entering that time of year where having fun in the sun isn’t always an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to be content with pale skin! Spray tanning is the best way to achieve darker skin shades in a way that doesn’t permanently damage your skin—ALL YEAR LONG! Are you trying to figure out if a spray tan is for you? Keep reading! 

What is a spray tan?

A spray tan is a natural mixture that is hand-sprayed over your skin to temporarily stain your skin a darker shade. Over time, as your skin sheds naturally, the color will fade. The typical life of a spray tan is about 7-10 days, depending on your skin type, and will fade gradually. Kristal will hand-pick a color that bests suits your skin to give you that desired, darker look you crave!

Meet Kristal, our spray tanning guru!

At the Magnolia Salon and Spa, Kristal is our expert in everything spray tanning related. She has years of experience perfectly picking out top-notch products that our clients LOVE! She has a delicate touch and is a pro at giving her clients the best all over color. Your tan is in great hands!  

Why is a spray tan better than natural tanning or fake-baking?

  1. Results from a spray tan are instantaneous! You will leave the spa in your desired shade, right away! 

  2. Prolonged exposure to the sun or ultraviolet light can cause long term, irreversible skin damage—not to mention the possibility of skin cancer. Sun damage also causes wrinkles and uneven skin tones that dramatically age your skin.

  3. Spray tans highlight your muscles and hide cellulite making you appear slimmer! This is the exact reason bodybuilders get pray tans

  4. It is a huge time saver! For the perfect tan expect to spend the following time achieving your perfect shade: spray tan 30min, tanning bed 4-8 weeks, sun 8-12 weeks. 

  5. You have all the control over the shade you want to be. As soon as you feel tan enough, you can shower off the spray and enjoy perfectly tanned skin immediately after. 

Will a spray tan make me orange?

We can’t speak for other locations, but here at the Magnolia Salon and Spa we use top of the line products that give you a more natural appearance. Kristal will choose a product based of your current skin tone and your desired shade to ensure you look your best—not orange!

Are spray tans safe?

Yes, spray tans are safe! Our products are made from natural ingredients and are actually healthy for your skin—the color comes from walnut shells. All products have absolutely no paraben, erythritol and are also fragrance-free. If you tend to have overly sensitive skin, consult one of our estheticians prior to your appointment.

Consider tan lines or no lines.

Something to think about beforehand is whether or not you want any tan lines. It is not uncommon for people to tan naked to avoid tan lines and achieve a better all over color. If you opt to be clothed, we recommend wearing and old swimsuit you don’t mind getting stained.

How much for a spray tan?

Spray tanning costs $38 per visit. This is comparable to the monthly cost of artificial tanning…BUT much safer and has instant results!

Tips for a better spray tan!

  1. Shave and exfoliate your skin BEFORE your spray tan. This removes unwanted hair and the superficial layer of dead skin cells and allows the tan to attach to healthy skin cells. This will result in a longer, more even tan!

  2. Don’t shower, sweat, or cry for 6-8 hours afterwards. Moisture could result in lines or an uneven tan.

  3. For a longer lasting tan, switch to pat drying your hands and body to avoid rapid exfoliating. 

  4. Apply lotion daily! Dry skin flakes off faster than motorized skin, and with it goes your tan. 

  5. Protect nails from staining by applying a coat of nail polish prior to your appointment.

  6. Bring dark, loose fitting clothing for afterwards.

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