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The non-surgical face lift!

Looking for a non-surgical, anti-aging solution for face and neck? 

After a certain age, your face starts to go south, as does the rest of your body. Working out is a great way to keep your body fit and sculpted... but how do you work out the muscles in your face? A microcurrent facial is the best answer for your stubborn wrinkles and sagging skin! It will be the easiest, most enjoyable "workout" of your life and it will leave your skin tight, firm, and visibly younger! 

What is microcurrent?

Mircrocurrent is known as the non-surgical facelift. It is exactly what is sounds like... it emits an extremely small electrical current (hence "micro"), to target the muscles in your neck and face. This causes them to contract and relax repeatedly. This strengthens your muscles, which tightens and lifts your skin as a result! It is very much like taking your face to the gym...but instead to lifting weights, you get to relax and have a facial instead ;) 

Two prongs are used to target certain areas of the face delivering a precise dose of energy stimulating muscles. This simultaneously repairs and produces more collagen in the dermis (deepest layer of skin), and erases wrinkles and other signs of aging from the epidermis (top layer of skin)—effectively giving you a slimmer face and lifted skin!  

The microcurrent facial also doubles as a lymphatic drainage massage, which makes your skin visibly less puffy by flushing out your face's water retention. One of our expert estheticians will gently massage pressure points on the face and encourage your body to balance your body's fluids and blood circulation. This can also help relive pain, headaches, aid with skin conditions as well as its aesthetic benefits.

What results can I expect from a microcurrent facial?

Your first appointment will redefine your features! You will walk out of the spa glowing. The skin around your eye brows will be lifted and your jawline & cheekbones will be more defined. Your skin will also feel smoother and tighter! Microcurrent is a great way to tackle sagging muscles and drooping skin, and results will become more prominent as you continue service. Much like working out, results increase as you continue, and fade as you skip sessions. 

What is the expected recovery?

There is zero recovery time, no swelling, and no redness! You may go about your normal routine after leaving the spa.

Why get a microcurrent facial?

If you are fighting the signs of aging, and looking for solution that doesn't require painful surgery, then microcurrent is the answer for you! Get the results you want by going to the Magnolia Salon and Spa and RELAXING! The session will leave you feeling rejuvenated and appearing more youthful, and more so as you return! Book your appointment today!

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