Regarding Afterglow Gift Cards and Certificates

Upon acquiring the assets of the company known as Afterglow Day Spa, that company ceased to exist.  The assets of Afterglow did not include financial compensation for the outstanding gift card liability.  To be clear; The Magnolia Salon and Spa received no compensation from Afterglow to cover the cost of the outstanding Afterglow gift cards. Regardless; The Magnolia Salon and Spa agreed to honor those gift cards and certificates.  But only for a limited time.  In April of 2019, an email notification was sent to ALL clients of Afterglow Day Spa who had current email accounts on file informing them of the opportunity to redeem those cards from April 1, 2019 until the end of business in December 2019.  The Afterglow website remained online for the months of April and May of 2019 providing the same message.


It is not possible to assure that all past Afterglow clients were notified.  Many people delete emails that come from companies they don't recognize.  However, we have made reasonable efforts to provide notification of the approaching end of the Afterglow Gift Card redemption program. 

We apologize for any frustration you may feel due to this issue.  We sincerely hope to continue serving you with the best service and wonderful, relaxing locations moving forward.

Thank You