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A Letter From The Owners

We Have Closed.

With heavy hearts we are notifying the public that The Magnolia Salon and Spa is closing. Our greatest desire was to provide a taste of luxurious 5-Star Salon/Spa experience right here in our town.  Most of the reviews you gave us were just that – 5 Star! That speaks volumes to the professionalism and pursuit of excellence of the staff and service providers we partnered with. 

We are very proud of them.  


UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we have closed our doors to the public now instead of remaining open through March.  Thank you for understanding.


What About My Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, or my Prepaid Series?

Outstanding Magnolia Salon and Spa Gift Cards\Certificates\Series purchased by our customers that either have not been used or still have an unused balance will be reimbursed either through transaction reversal (for those purchased by credit card after Nov 2019) or by check. The website will be the only avenue available to initiate the refund process.  Below is an online form for you to complete that will provide us with the information we need to verify your card/certificate/series and record your reimbursement.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your submitted form to be processed as we expect a large volume of requests in the beginning. Your understanding and patience in this are appreciated. Just click the link above to begin.


UPDATE: We have processed ALL requests to date and will be mailing the last few as of 3-20-20. 
Please deposit the checks promptly as we will not leave the account open indefinitely.

Last But Not Least.

For those loyal customers we’ve come to love.  We know this will hurt you and disappoint you as much as it does us.  We can’t thank you enough for your patronage and encouragement along the way. We truly wanted to continue to try to make this work, but the path to profit is too far into the future for our tolerance as small business owners; so it is necessary to cut our losses at this time and close our little corner of heaven. 


With Loving Regards,

Stuart & Susan Anthony

Only for cards or certificates issued by The Magnolia Salon and Spa.
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